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Distributed Life

Distributed Life

Welcome to Distributed Life blog. As the title suggests, this will be a technology (computer science mostly) related blog. My focus will be on Distributed Systems, since it is my area of interest, but I will also write some posts about Opera browser and generic technology/Internet topics that I find (extremely) interesting.

Topics’ Sources

The topics you will find here will be mostly drawn from my everyday (academic and not) experiences and from other interesting posts or sites that I meet. The Opera related topics will be focused so that they will explain to you why Opera browser is unique (don’t worry I won’t be biased towards Opera. I am the first to say that Opera still has some major problems..)

Posting Frequency

As I said, the posts will be drawn from interesting (or to be precise, from what I consider interesting :-P) topics, so the frequency that I will write new posts will vary from daily to weekly+. Anyaway, this weblog is not meant to be a generic tech one.. who needs one more of these!

Hope you will enjoy! Thank you for reading..

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