Skype – Your payment is rejected.. your subscription is terminated

I used to have the “Unlimited Europe” subscription with Skype, so that I can call to landlines in Europe for free. I believe I have had this subscription for the last 3+ years.

Some days ago my monthly payment for the unlimited Europe was rejected due to some issues with my card, so I received two emails:

  • Your payment was rejected.
  • Your subscription is terminated and will stop in 3 days.

Can you imagine that? They did not let me fix the issue, they just canceled my subscription. Their e-mail is entitled:

Your subscription has been successfully cancelled

Thank you! I am very proud I successfully managed to cancel it..

Today, with my credit card working, I tried to reissue the payment and get my subscription back…

Guess what? The lady at customer support let me know it is IMPOSSIBLE and that I have to buy the subscription again, 1.5 euros per month more expensive.

This is how you treat a 3 years+ loyal customer 🙂

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